Zodiac Killer Letters July 31, 1969 – Interpretation Page III

The Zodiac's use of the abbreviation "Fry." for Friday is quite particular. While there is consistent and probably intentional misspelling of the word "Christmas" as "Christmass", there are spelling inconsistencies in other words like "cyipher" and "cipher" and "intenion" and "intention" that the Zodiac sometimes wrote correctly. There is also inconsistent use of the word "and" and the "+" sign that has been mostly used as a substitute. Based on his July 1969 Letters, it can be assumed that the Zodiac Killer misspellings were both, intentional and unintentional.
Variations in the handwriting of the letter to San Francisco Chronicle suggest that the Zodiac's felt pen was nearly out of ink or that its tip sometimes dried, particularly at "ammo was western" at the end of the first page. The stronger ink at the start and sometimes in the middle of some sentences may indicate that the Zodiac repeatedly interrupted his writing to think before he continued.
The way the letter "O" of the word "Over" is written at the end of the first page of the San Francisco Chronicle letter suggests that the Zodiac wrote the letter with his right hand. The "O" starts clearly a 10 o'clock position and ends at 11 o'clock position. Same is evident also from other "o" letters in the text. Typically, lefthanders start and end the letter at about 1 o'clock position.
Since the letter to the San Francisco Chronicle if formulated more precisely then the other two letters, it is reasonable to assume that this letter was the first of the three July 31, 1969 letters that the Zodiac wrote. From what it looks, "SF Examiner" has been added to the letter text later, which could be a possible indication that the Zodiac was certain that he would send his letters to the San Francisco Chronicle and Vallejo Times Herald, but had not made an immediate decision on the third newspaper yet.
The letter scripts look jerky and erratic, with better structure and text alignment at letter start. The Zodiac often omits punctuation marks and misspells words that he spells correctly at other places. In overall, the Zodiac gives the impression of an impatient, short-tempered and sloppy writer who later tried to correct some of his misspellings with only very limited attention span. For instance, he added a second tittle (dot) on the letter "i" of the word "this" in the first sentence of the third paragraph of the second page of the San Francisco Chronicle letter and another dot on the letter "c" or the word "cruse" [sic] in the same message three lines below.
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